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Auto Finance

We have been dedicated to helping our customers find the right type of car financing for their needs since 1980. Our team of experts provide a personal, simple and convenient loan experience. Through long established relationships with major Banks, Dealerships & Motor firms, we search a large panel of products to get you a better finance deal and ensure you are on the road as quickly as possible.

The problem is, car financing can be frustrating

In fact, 50% of people say it’s just too complicated & difficult - whether it’s...

  • Mountains of paperwork
  • Slow waiting times
  • Extortionate rates

But that's exactly how we’ll help you

At Alpine Credit, we'll support you in getting the best loan for your situation.

  • You'll get a great car, at a great rate!
  • There’s no hidden terms.
  • No unreasonable payment conditions.
  • Plus, our finance extends to any dealer - it’s flexible, easy & hassle free.
  • And we offer the lowest rates.



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